Business translations

The generic business translations that Buroservice performs are all carried out by mother-tongue translators. These obviously include translations from Italian into English, from English into Italian and from (into the main languages spoken around the world (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, including their Latin American variants) as well as the languages spoken in emerging nations.

For companies, the texts that we translate are usually in the following areas:

- Finance translations (financial statements, prospectuses, transfer pricing reports, due diligence reports and corporate governance reports)

- Accounting (manuals, charts of accounts)

- Stock Exchange (investment letters, analysts' reports, press releases

- Fiscal matters (tax requirements, professional opinions, fiscal procedures)

- Legal matters (contracts, articles of association/bylaws, codes of conduct, chamber of commerce registrations, company searches)

- Economics (directors' reports)

- Business translations (presentations, social reports, press releases, speeches by top management, confidential correspondence)

Business translations

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