Guarantees and timing

Professional translation: guarantees & timing

Translation guarantees timing

Professional translations: guarantees & timing

When carrying out translation jobs, Buroservice puts considerable emphasis on project planning, making sure that all of the required processes are kept under control so as to ensure that all of the client's expectations are satisfied to the full. This is our guarantee.

As part of this process, we make sure that clients are involved in the choice of financial or technical terminology that they prefer, to meet their specific corporate needs.

Working in the world of business, we are well aware of the frenetic pace of life imposed on our clients and which they inevitably impose on us; and even though haste and speed are bad counsellors in all works of intellect, the quality and punctuality of our translations are the key conditions that we undertake to respect in a contract. The rest relies on the fact that our clients have trust in our specialist knowledge and experience, that we collaborate at all levels, and that we take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies to ensure rapid execution and timely delivery, even taking into account last minute adjustments by the client.

Buroservice guarantees maximum confidentiality in the processing of the information contained in the texts that are sent for translation, whether financial, economic or legal.